Rossini update issues

Hi,recently I put back Rossini player into use and update Mosaic app on my pad ,then it shows “The device requires an update to be compatible with DCS Mosaic Control”, then I check for updates under the
dialog and it shows “No update available for your device”.
I checked firmware version info is Main:2.01;network:5.06;Transport:66.Anyone can give some advice? Thanks.

I apologise that this isn’t a full answer but here is a link to the software history of Rossini Player:

You will see that the current main software is listed as 2.1/509.

“506” is not the network version but looks like the build number of the main software and appears to relate to v2.02 . The current network version is 1.42 i.e. this is Mosaic and may be the subject of the message.

Hi @z3y3, Your firmware is over 4 years old so updates are definitely available but for some reason your unit is not seeing that. One thing you can try is to reset the streaming interface, that sometimes helps (although be aware it will log you out of your streaming services and irretrievably remove any Mosaic playlists).

To do so just enter the IP address of your Rossini in your browser and under Device Settings select Reset Streaming Interface. Then retry the update.

If it still fails I think dCS support will have to take this one over in which case you can page @Phil.


If your unit is that out of date then you will need to manually update it using an update file that we can give you directly - please contact [email protected] and we can get that sorted for you.

Best Regards

Phil Harris


Thank you all very much
@Phil mail has been sent

@Phil to the rescue, again!


I think it is great that members of dCS read and monitor these boards.


Well, in this case I’ve had to pass him through to our China / Hong Kong distributor so hopefully they’re sorting him out at the moment.

We try to keep an eye on here as much as we can but it is also handy when you guys @Phil me too (James has moved to a different role now) when you see anything we need to jump in on … we don’t want to be overly present on here as we don’t want you guys to feel “monitored” or “policed”.