Rossini Player Transport stops responding to commands after use on other inputs for quite some time

I’ve mentioned this before, but:

I have a Rossini Player APEX.

I’ve noticed that after going for perhaps months without using the transport, when I cycle the input back to the transport, the display shows the proper information for the disc in the tray but none of the controls do anything.

I can press play, stop or eject and I hear a relay “click” from inside the unit when I press the keys, either on the front panel or the remote, but nothing happens. I can change the display from track info to disc info.

Basically, the unit is fully functional but the transport is just not responding to commands.

If I power cycle the unit using the rear power switch, the transport will once again work normally; this has happened more or less since the unit was brand new.

The unit is currently in this mode, so before I rear button power cycle it I was curious whether there is any diagnostic information available that dCS would like to see.

Basic information:

Device version: 0.64.511.0
AirPlay version: 190.9

I downloaded a System Log; the files are for the most part dated October 23, 2023; the versionLastBooted file contains:



{“value”:{“string_”:“Rossini Player”,“type”:“string_”},“timestamp”:1698059666619}

Thanks in advance…


I also sent an email to support and have a video if you’re interested.

As you have sent an email to Support they should be aware of this. However, as a belt and braces move ( that’s belt and suspenders to non- UK English speakers) , I am tagging @Phil .

Thanks, Pete!

Thanks Pete … we have Bill’s report that he put into support this lunchtime so we’ll run with that.



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For anyone following the topic here, I verified that a rear power switch reboot of the unit and the transport is once again working properly… until I go without using it for a month or so.

Just like with any other computer ( that’s what it is), switch it fully off when leaving it for extended periods.

  1. I don’t shut off any computer I own, ever. They may go into idle sleep, but I don’t ever shut them off. I’m in the industry and that’s the way I’ve done things for over forty years now.

  2. The Rossini Player isn’t idle itself, it’s busy being a DAC for myriad other sources, rather it’s if I don’t explicitly play a CD for more than a month or so, when I change the input to the transport, none of the controls are functional (Stop/Start, Eject, Track Buttons, etc.) That’s why it feels like something in the transport section is going into sleep after a few weeks of being unused and never awakens, though if it were actual sleep code it would do so after an hour of disuse rather than weeks.

The DAC section of the RP is usually emitting audio 24x7, sourced in most cases via coaxial or Toslink.