Rossini Player Remote

When there are batteries in the remote a figure 2 appears in the display on the player. On inserting a CD it starts playing track 2 for a random number of seconds, then starts playing track 2 again. Other random symbols appear in the display seemigly at random no matter which input is used. Remove the batteies from the remote and all is well.
The player is so much better than my old Debussy, finding so much more detail and musicallity and giving way more enjoyment.
Assistance would be appreciated

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Hi Hilary. I hope we can sort this out.

I think a bit of clarification as to exactly what us happening may assist. We may want take this stage by stage.

When you say “the remote” are you referring to the dCS Universal IR remote? I ask as some users have adopted other non-dCS ones to avoid the cost of the dedicated one.

When this happens is the Rossini player empty or has a disc been left in it from a previous session? Or does it happen when a new disc is inserted?

Please make sure that something is not accidentally pressing against the remote and just put it aside for the moment. Now make sure that the disc tray is empty and close it. The display should “No Disc” and show the synch icon. Are you seeing that?

Assuming this is a dCS System remote, correct?

Well the player starting at and then repeating track 2 indicates that it thinks the 2 is being pressed on the remote. If you’re lucky it might be as simple as some gunge having found its way in under the button and jammed the microswitch. You could take it back to the dealer if under warranty but if out of warranty you could try fixing it yourself. Just disassemble and flush with compressed air, it might do the trick.

As far as the “random symbols” are concerned, are they valid symbols appearing at random times, or invalid symbols altogether? Could you describe in a bit more detail?


It does sound like the remote has a stuck down “2” button … you could try pressing the button a few times to see if that frees it up or - as has already been suggested - if the Rossini is still under warranty then the remote would be repaired under warranty.

Best Regards

Phil Harris

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