Rossini Player 'dead'


Just wanted to put the RP in stand-by using the remote. Result: a kind of quick coloured ‘flash’ in the display and the RP was ‘dead’. No blue stand-by light. I switched off and on on the back of the player but no effect. I already sent an email to my dealer, but maybe someone knows what could be the issue?



Did you power cycle the unit? Full off on the back for a bit then power it back up?

Yes. I tried to reanimate. Still dead as a dodo.

I had this several times with my Bartók (with Rossini remote). After switching on the back switch (just once, no power cycling off/on), and then pushing the front (not remote) Power button it came back.

After (accidentally or intentionally) pushing the remote Power button for 4 seconds, the Rossini and Bartók switches off completely. Just flipping the back power button just once, it will power on, and the front Power button will bring it fully on.

But I guess you did try that already.

Hi Erno, thanks !

I’m glad to tell the dodo is alive again !

Good to hear :call_me_hand: