Rossini player clock output issues

Hi, I added a Rossini clock to Rossini player few days ago , while I noticed there is a clock output on the player’s rear panel, I’m wondering if the output sends out the external clock signal or still the player’s own master signal, if it sends out the external clock signal, will the player do a auto clock signal switch according to different sample files? Thanks.

See page 23 and 24 of the manual of the Rossini Player:

The Player’s clock out puts out 44.1kHz, its own Master signal.

The Rossini Clock has also a third output (normally fixed at 44.1kHz), which may be used to clock another source, such as an SACD Transport.

So it is better to use the clock’s third output. But auto clocking is not available from both third clock’s outputs.

Thank you Ermos