Rossini Player Bug I Hope Gets Fixed Someday

I’m not sure if this is due to a bug in the firmware of the Rossini Player itself, or in a bug in the firmware of the CD transport, but it’s always been an issue, and is annoying:

Basically after you have been using another input for weeks to months, if you go back to the CD transport, you can hear relays clicking if you click play and stop/eject but the transport does… absolutely nothing.

The display never even reads “Reading TOC.”

You can click things all day and nothing will happen until you power switch power cycle the unit and then the transport will work again as it should.

At least until you again use another input for a few weeks, then repeat the cycle.

If you haven’t already, could you send this to our support team at [email protected] with your serial number, firmware versions and what your input(s) are?

In the meantime I can begin to try replicating it here, but based on what you’ve said, verification may take a while!


Thanks - I just sent the information over!

I don’t have that issue with my Rossini Player.

How long do you go with using other inputs of your RP before cycling back to CD?

In my case I hadn’t played a CD in about a month.

Usually my input is on network or AES, very rarely I go to CD, 5 to 6 weeks interval estimated

Do you ever power cycle or shut off your RP?

Mine never gets shut off or put into standby, it’s decoding something 24x7.

Yes I do a powercycle about once a month (and rarely when I cannot connect with mosaic to the RP)

Since the problem goes away with a power cycle that could explain it.

Maybe, maybe not, I have never had this issue. Hopefully dcs can resolve it for you.

We’re working it; it will take a while given the need to let it set for weeks before it reproduces. :grinning: