Rossini IP address problem

My Rossini has ended up with an out of range IP address. It is set to DHCP but is not fetching a new address regardless what I do - including factory reset and hard power cycle.

How can I force it to refetch?



Not quite sure what you mean by an “out of range IP address”; do you mean a self-assigned 169.x.x.x address? That happens when the DHCP client (like the Rossini) is connected to a working Ethernet port but is unable to contact a DHCP server. In which case you should check the Rossini’s connectivity to the DHCP server in your network.

If you mean just a random IP address within your DHCP Server’s range; the allocation of an IP address to is determined by the DHCP Server, not the client (Rossini). Most often, the DHCP server would re-allocate the same IP address it has previously allocated to a specific client based on its Ethernet MAC address. So resetting the Rossini is not going to help.

Personally, I would recommend turning DHCP off on the Rossini; Just point any Web browser to your Rossini’s IP address and change it’s network setting manually to a fixed IP address/gateway/DNS.

@ludwig, What IP address is being reported on in the “Information” screen on the front panel of your unit? If it’s a 169.xx.yy.zz address then that’s a self-assignment and that suggests that it doesn’t have a proper physical connection to the network. If that’s the case then:

  1. Try a different Ethernet cable to the unit
  2. Connect to the “LOOP” port on the rear panel instead of the “MAIN” port

OK will check physical connections and get back to you. Thanks.

From the point of view of the Rossini, the problem is solved. Thanks both of you for clarifying about self-assigned addresses.

(Having swapped out all cables between Rossini and the Cable modem, a simple power-cycle of the (unmanaged) switch cleared the problem, temporarily. But after a while the switch seems to crash: the lights keep flashing but nothing gets through until a power cycle.

By a process of elimination it seems that this is being caused by a faulty cable from the switch to another DAC, which seems to put the switch into a bad state. With that cable out of use the switch is solid again.)