Rossini froze/crashed?

So this morning I turned on the system, meaning my amplifier and pre-amp (the Rossini is generally kept on) and proceeded to play a CD via SPDIF from my transport into the dCS…

Long story short about 1 hour into listening it all went quiet … I look over and I see the screen on the Rossini looks like (see photograph)…

What could that be? Random normal occurrence? or should I be concerned? The front power button was non-responsive, so I did a hard shut down from the back and power up, it worked fine.

Maybe one of the dCS guys, or Pete or Anup, will chime in here, but this sounds to me like something all computers will do at one time or another. Glad it’s running now.

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Don’t know about the Rossini, but it does happen to my Bartok very rarely, usually associated with doing something funky on the streaming board (which clearly does have a couple of known bugs).

I’m sure @James will jump in and sort this out for you Sam.


This issue is not unknown and , like Anup, I would anticipate that James may want to contact you .

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Hi Sam,

Just dropped you an email on this :+1:

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