Rossini dac fails to find my nas on the network

More often than not, my Rossini dac fails to find my nas (Qnap TVS-871 running TwonkyMedia) on my LAN. Everything else seems to work , including Radio. Even if I have a play queue in Mosaic containing files on the nas, it will play those.

Switching in and out of sleep mode doesn’t help, but restarting after switching power off, will usually solve the problem.

Using the Rossini app, I only get an error message to the effect of “Browsing error”.

Is my dac defect?

This is most likely an issue with your network. Can you please describe your network configuration including the brand and models of your network hardware?

Thank you for very quick response, Andrew!

My router is an Asus RT-AC87U. The nas (Qnap TVS-871) is connected to the router with two short ethernet cables. Another port on the router goes to a Netgear 8 port switch in my listening room. Connected to this switch is the Rossini and a pc.

If you think the problem is in the network, my prime suspect will be the Netgear switch since that is the only component that has been in the system all the time I have had this problem. This is a dead cheap component, so I’ll start with replacing that.

I have a suspicion that this is the issue. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t connect a network device to a switch / router with two separate cables as this will cause some serious network problems. There is a configuration called “bonded Ethernet” which manages traffic properly when multiple links are used, but that typically isn’t implemented in consumer networking gear. Even if it is present in your device the configuration is trouble-prone and, more often than not, it just doesn’t work.

I’d recommend going back to a single link, disable anything on the QNAP that mentions bonded Ethernet or link aggregation and retry. It would be wise to reboot everything too.

A single Gigabit link is more than enough bandwidth to handle anything having to do with streaming audio. Gb Ethernet has two orders of magnitude (100x) more bandwidth than is used by a 24/192 stream!

Thank you for your advice and sorry for late response!

I have followed your recommendations in detail. I actually found one glitch in the networking setup on the the nas. I have also replaced the switch mentioned earlier.

However, the problem remains.