Rossini clicking sound when changing sample rates thru Qobuz


I am new to Rossini Dac. I am observing the clicking sound from one song to another. It looks like the filter and clock settings change with the song and generates the clicking sound.
I am playing the DCS America playlist thru Qobuz thru Roon on laptop that is connected to Rossini on USB input. Before each song the filter and clock resets.

Any setting to turn off the clicking sound or stopping the filter and clock to not change with the song.


The clicking sound is the relays inside the Rosinni adjusting to match the sample rate of each track. If your playlist has CD quality tracks (44.1 kHz clock signal) mixed with high rez (96/192 kHz use the 48Hz clock signal) it will click between these tracks. You can minimize this by grouping track with the same sample rate together. There’s no way to stop the clicking entirely.

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Thanks Jeff, Will relay’s lifespan reduce with playing CD and hi-res format songs frequently? Apart from playlist if I play 2 cd quality albums and 2 hires albums alternating between formats, would that be ok to ensure the relays life and performance.

The relays dCS use are from Panasonic, the TXS2SA-L-5V.

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Their expected lifespan is: Mechanical : 50.000.000 (at 180 clicks per minute) Electrical: 200.000 (at 20 cpm)

Which basically means you don’t need to worry about it, enjoy the music!

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Thank you both.