Roon Encapsulation: DSD Over PCM [Vivaldi Upsampler]

I have an interesting little "maybe-glitch’ that has appeared today. I stream Roon Nucleus+ straight to both my MSB Select II DAC and my Vivaldi Upsampler/DAC/Clock. To the best of my recollection, this happened as straight DSD when I played back DSD files. And that’s how it appears in Roon on my MSB when I check on the playback chain. And I am almost positive that’s how it looked on my Vivaldi as well [but maybe my memory is faulty]. Today on the Vivaldi, Roon is showing the stream as “Encapsulation: DSD Over PCM.” Is this normal? Or did I inadvertently change a setting somewhere? I know it’s nothing to be worried about, but I am wondering if I should be seeing straight DSD as I do with the MSB. Thanks!

Greg, AFAIA, external DSD sources for dCS need to be in DoP form. No different for Roon playback. I just double checked my system to be sure I’m remembering correctly, played back Bill Evans “Some Other Time” in DSD128; it’s “Encapsulation: DSD Over PCM v1.0”. So, you’re all good :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you!

That seems right. DSD to Vivaldi DAC is by DoP except for SACD via the dual AES.

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Thanks Pete. I must have just missed this before.