Roon as source name

I know you can connect with RS232 and change Net to Roon, but it would be nice if the unit would already know that it’s being connected to with RAAT and display Roon as the source name.

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The issue is that what the DAC sees as the NETWORK input has 6 sub-inputs (Roon, UPnP, Tidal, USB2, Airplay, and Spotify). Any one of those sources will take over the NETWORK input when commanded by the user, and that includes when a different network source is currently playing.

If playback is taking place then the front panel displays the metadata and play state for the source currently in control of the interface. In most cases the format of that metadata is dictated by the service that’s being used. In Roon’s case there’s no requirement to identify Roon with a logo, but there is a requirement to show metadata in a very specific format.

If playback is truly in a stopped state (empty queue or some other state which the service defines as stopped) then the name of the input (as seen by the DAC) is displayed. We could show the name of the last network source to control the device when it’s in the stopped state, but that doesn’t actually reflect the true state. When the display shows NETWORK it means that nothing is in control of the interface and there is no content ready to be played.

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