Ability to rename device inputs with Mosaic Control

The release of mosaic today made me do a jump in the air higher then advisable :smile:. What I nice unexpected surprise. I am going to try it right away when I get back home from work tonight.

Changing names of the input is possible with RS232 but I do not have that connection present to my Vivaldi all the time.
So I s it, or wil it be possible to name the inputs with mosaic?

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This is something that we’re evaluating. The feature does not exist in Mosaic now but it is technically possible. It will require an update to the device (FPGA) firmware so if it is rolled out it will come to the different product lines at different times.

I’m missing / can’t find three things regarding digital inputs;

  1. Possibility to rename the digital inputs, SPDIF3 => TV for instance.
  2. Possibility to disable usb1 input.
  3. Possibility to use, and switch between, only those inputs I use in control app.

I guess we’re talking about upgrades for both FPGA and Mosaic app?

KR // Pontus (Rossini DAC)

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Couldn’t you do this directly in the app?

Yes, why not move the input selection to the Services menu, make it possible to enable/disable all inputs and even change their names? :blush::pray:

I realize this can’t be on the app alone if you want the settings to show on all devices consistently (ie you want both your ipad and iphone seeing the same customization).

I did change the input names but would like to have fixed settings for each input.
Changing from ROON to TV, I always have to go to the menu to switch the buffer from ON to OFF as there is a delay between my Rossini and TV

Changing the input names on the Rossini Player only shows those on the Player itself, NOT in the App. In the App stil digital input 3. This would be great to be changed.