Repeat track without Mosaic

My internet is off. Is there a way to repeat a track or an album on my HD using the Vivaldi Upsampler buttons (I cannot use the Mosaic app)? Thanks.

The front panel buttons only allow navigation of the unit’s menu. As you can see from the map of the menu on page 34 of the User Manual none of the menu options is concerned with navigating source replay choices. These are confined to Mosaic.

I assume that your internet issue is temporary?

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Thanks Peter.

Hi Franco,

May I apologise for the delayed reply but I have only just returned from Munich and am just catching up with the forums.

Mosaic itself doesn’t require any sort of internet access other than for checking for updates and accessing streaming services … as long as your router itself is working then you should still have a local network and be able to control your Vivaldi Upsampler using Mosaic to play music locally from a UPnP server or USB storage device.

What is the actual problem that you are having.

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Phil Harris

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Phil, thanks for your reply. Internet was down for a couple days. All solved now.

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