Remote Volume control interrupts hires streaming

This is the oddest thing. A recent qobuz subscriber (a few months) i find that when i am trying to turn down the volume on my preamp with its factory remote it interrupts the stream but continues after a momentary interruption. I find it only on files marked as hi res and only on streaming from qobuz. Setup is internet through router and switch cat5 direct to vivaldi x4 awaiting apex upgrade latest updates. Anybody?

Hi Barry,

Exactly what kit are you using in this setup? I see you’ve said that you have a Vivaldi that is awaiting update to APEX so there’s a DAC there … by x4 do you mean you have the full stack of Transport, Upsampler, DAC and Clock?

Are you using the output of the DAC to drive power amps / active speakers directly or do you have a preamp after the DAC?

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Phil Harris

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Hi Phil. Thank you. Yes. Vivaldi full stack. I think that i have discovered the problem which you likely already know.

All screens are always off. Recent power outage reset the clock frequency which i thought was locked.

I had noticed that when i tried to adjust the volume on a hires qobuz file via my preamp remote that it lit the screen on the dac and a red display had occurred but im not smart enough to understand why. My first though was some type of radio frequency disturbance. As a part of giving you everything that i see to trouble shoot the issue i was going to photograph the display as i changed volume. In doing this I noticed that the clock had the wrong frequency on channel 2. I believe i had noticed earlier if the clock isnt locked that it is vulnerable to transient changes. In any case, i restored the clock to the proper settings and locked it and it appears to be working perfectly. Sorry for the interruption. Barry

Well Barry - This just isn’t good enough … how am I supposed to justify my existence here if you go and fix your own problems? :rofl:

Seriously though - well done. :+1:

If you do have any further problems please do give us a shout - it is probably quicker to get us on [email protected] though as emails to there arrive straight away with me and James rather than us needing to see that a posting has been made up here - just means we can get to you quicker.

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:see_no_evil: Hey Phil. Thanks for the sense of humor. The dcs is actually quite intuitive once a user gets the flow of it. It is so lock and load once i have it set up ( long time ago) i rarely think about settings. You can imagine my surprise to find the clock unlocked. :nerd_face: duh. I think your job is safe with all of the things that are constantly thrown at you and dcs interface with other equipment and software. Appreciate the attention as well as the direct email reminder. Best. Barry