Remote control codes for Bartok


Are there a set of refreshed remote control codes for the Bartok published anywhere? In particular, the code for switching between headphone and line/XLR outputs would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

There isn’t specifically a remote control available for the Bartok hence I have never seen any codes in this respect. The dCS Universal IR Remote can be bought as an optional extra but this has no control option relating to DAC analogue outputs other than setting volume. You would therefore need to find a custom solution.

If the feature that you want is not already available using Mosaic then I do not believe it can be done quite as you anticipate. If that is so you could, of course, ask for it to be added as a feature to future versions of Mosaic.

Thanks - there’s a way to switch in Mosaic and also via the button on the front panel, so I have a hard time believing that there isn’t a IR command too :slight_smile:

I assume that you would like to use another remote control with your Bartok. dCS products can be found in the Logitech Harmony database. I have even implemented a sequence on my Harmony 950 to access the Rossini’s Settings menu
Works like a breeze

The dCS IR remote design and configuration dates from before the introduction of Bartok ( which is the newest product in the range). As no dCS component before the Bartok has/had a headphone facility that is the likely reason for its omission.

As I mentioned in my first post on this you may need to find a custom answer and Jacobacci points a way towards this. However surely Rossini’s settings would not include provision for a switch from rear panel RCA/XLR outputs to front panel headphone jack/XLR? Such an IR code seems not to exist unless one is expert enough to devise it and both code the Harmony remote and the Bartok’s IR receiver firmware ( if the latter can be done).

@canfabulous To be a little more specific. I am guessing a bit as I have a Rossini and not a Bartok. If there is a way to switch the output by using left/right/ok on the front panel, you can implement that sequence on the Logitech Harmony. left/right/ok exist in the Logitech Harmony database.