Release of update to v1.2.x DSD64 playback issue


I am pleased to be able to let you know that we are expecting to publish an updated firmware release later today to resolve the DSD64 playback issue that has affected a small number of Rossini users worldwide.

The release is expected to be available after 13:00 (UK time) and the current release of the Mosaic app should simply pick it up as an available update when it is first run (so if the app is already open you should exit from it and reopen it).

We would still, as with any firmware update, recommend that (if practical) you power off your Rossini for thirty seconds then power it back on again and allow it to fully come online before running the update.

We would like to thank those users that have been impacted by this issue for their patience and we have taken great pains to ensure that this update does fully resolve the DSD64 playback issue however if, after applying this update, anyone has any further / remaining issues then please do drop me an email at [email protected] and we will do everything we can to assist.

Best Regards

Phil Harris


Thank you, @Phil. Much appreciated.

It’s working :slight_smile:

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So now the question comes begging: we who DON’T have the issue with DSD64 playback on version 2.03; should we nevertheless upgrade to 2.04?

(I see it being available in the Mosaic app)

Simple answer … yes … :slight_smile:



Update went smoothly, still able to play DSD64 :sweat_smile:

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Now working. Thanks @Phil!

Same here. SMOOOOTH update.