Reconnecting with Innuos to Rossini

I’m putting an upgraded Innuos server Statement to Rossini over USB after being out for several months. We had trouble reconnecting the USB but after shutting the Dac on and off a few times we got the connection. What we thought was a problem with the Dac reverting to USB class 1 was resolved when switching to class 2 again except that where it showed it switched in the app the Rossini screen remains showing class 1. Audio is streaming but the screen isn’t synching properly.
Thanks, John H.

Answered here:

Hello Erno,
Ok, that makes sense. USB 1 is the audio input and the USB 2 input must be for data, the display having nothing to do with Class 1 or 2 that’s selected through the app.
It’s been several months that I’ve been without my server and now that I’m using it again I’ve obviously become unfamiliar with that input.

Thanks for clearing that up