RCA or balanced from Bartok to Active ATC

Currently connecting my new Bartok to ATC SCM40A via RCA at the Bartok to balanced on the ATCs as I already had a cable made by custom hifi cables on my previous Naim 272.

Would I benefit in connecting from the balanced out on the Bartok?
Any cables you would recommend?


Yes, for sure.

I have used ATC 50s with dCS sources for the past 20+ years. The answer to your question is yes. However for best SQ I would always advise using a preamp. Matching the electrical output of a dCS DAC direct to the input sensitivity of an ATC active is difficult aside from any aesthetic considerations. You either have to reduce the volume on the dCS to a level where a loss of resolution becomes an issue ( a digital consideration that does not occur with the Naim 272 as it incorporates an analogue preamp) or listen too loud ( unless you live in a huge space).

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Preamp is currently too much of a luxury for me.
I do listen quite loud, typically -15 to -25.
I was assuming that didn’t compromise the digital volume.

You are right, no problem for this.

Did you set your Bartók volume out at 2V? The input sensitivity of your ATC SCM40As is 1V, so you will technically be fine with these settings, but please do connect with balanced to balanced.

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Yes, set to 2v.
I will get some balanced cables made up to try.

Thanks again to all for the help.