Random turn-on still occuring after Dec 2020 update

The Dec 2020 update notes state that the random turn-on bug was fixed. However, it just happened to me again, and I’ve confirmed that the update was fully applied (and also did a hard power cycle after the update completed).

FWIW, I use Roon to play to my Bartok HDAC. Roon is configured to put the Bartok to sleep after five minutes of inactivity. I was listening last night, saw the Bartok turn off after I was done and for at least an hour before I went to bed, yet it was back on again this morning when I woke up.

Oh no! It did not happen to me yet, but I have been waiting soooo long to get this fixed.

Why ever shut it off?

My entire system is on 24x365.

And your display is off?

Just the logo is on.

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Has this issue occurred more than once since the update happened?

Do you know what the display of the Bartók showed when you found it switched on? Was it on, for example, Spotify?

Do you use any sort of mains conditioner / UPS to feed your Bartók?

Since I have updated to 1.1.1, now 18 days ago, my Bartók no longer turns itself on, the longest time ever, and still counting.

It has not re-occurred. But it was always sporadic for me, generally happening once every 3-4 weeks.

It was displaying “NETWORK” with 0/44.1, just as it has always done when it turned itself back on. I don’t use Spotify or have Spotify configured. I use the Bartok exclusively with Roon.

The Bartok is plugged into an APC SMT1000RM2UC SmartUPS, so has clean, uninterrupted power. It and my RAAL HSA-1b are the only devices connected to that UPS.

Now I’m very curious how you guessed cwichura had a UPS powering the Bartok? :grin: :thinking:

Okay, thank you very much for the info.

Currently we don’t feel as though there is anything to be concerned about with this. We have had several units monitored at the factory for this and none have woken themselves up either. No other reports have come through to me about the issue still occurring.

Given that it is one unit, and no others have displayed the fault, I am fairly confident in saying that the cause is not the same here. The most likely explanation of a single unit waking up from standby a single time is usually down to mains.

The reason for asking about your power supply set up is that if the Bartók is in standby and loses suitable mains power, say from a brown-out, it will fully boot and be awake when the power returns, not be in standby. Another alternative (though not in this case) would be that Spotify, if connected, could wake the unit from standby from anywhere in the world, hence asking about that.

I’m not sure exactly what caused your unit to wake up this time, but I would be very hesitant to say it was the same cause without others doing the same. I would however be interested to know if the unit repeats this behaviour in future.