Radio or Podcast problem with Mosaic

There are two ways of selecting podcasts in Mosaic. One way is via the Services page where one can choose from a selection of Podcasts . The other is to choose a station from the Radio page and choose from the submenu of associated podcasts.

I can get podcasts to work from the Services page although this isn’t of great help as the selection does not include the podcasts that I am interested in.

So moving to the radio station related podcasts. Trying several titles from BBC Radios 3, 4, World Service and from France Musique, although hundreds are listed and can be selected, when one does and presses play, nothing happens. Nothing that is except Mosaic eventually freezes and can only be restored by rebooting the system.

Any comments or assistance available?

I raised this issue of the BBC podcasts not working, back in August 2019. I was really hoping that by now we would have had an update to fix this issue.

A good potential workaround for BBC Sounds integration (and other services) would have been to introduce Chromecast support, but alas, this has not been introduced yet either.

Thanks for your response adm95. In fact I can get BBC podcasts to work if they are in the “Podcast” list on the Services page but not from the associated radio pages. The problem I have is not limited to BBC stations.

Unfortunately the " Podcast" list is almost unusable as there is no way of filtering it as far as I can tell. So you just have to scroll through < thousands of podcasts until you find one of interest and then save it in Podcast Favourites.

When a radio station is selected and its associated Podcast sub-menu is selected in turn, Mosaic seems to work in that all of the correct metadata is displayed ( e.g. Episodes) and one can do things like add the podcast to a playlist. However when any play option is actioned the title loads into the play section but the podcast icon is lost and nothing happens. It is as if all of the metadata is captured but there is no actual programme content linked. However if , by chance, the same podcast is fortuitously chosen via the Services page then the content is there.

BTW it seems that you can only save to Podcast Favourites from the Services page and not from the Radio station page. To save from that location means creating a playlist as if it were an album or track.

I understand that there may be some unresolved issues with radio replay in the current version of Mosaic ( 1.1.0). I am hoping that a future release may successfully deal with these. In particular these problems. It would help if someone from dCS would kindly acknowledge whether or not these are known issues.

Could it be that the problem originates from the radio aggregator’s end (presumably Airable)? However the same podcast’s availability in one section of Mosaic but not in another suggests that this is not the case.