Racks for LINA?

There’s a rack from HRS which costs $10500.

Is there anything just a little less expensive?…

The HRS EXRH that Ben/James posted in the CanJam NYC thread.

That’s what I saw with a $10500 price tag. I must have misread.

Yeah, the HRS EXRH seem to be just about $1,850 :grin:

Icon Signature 750 from customdesign.co.uk in Mahogany with the black glass shelves. The fixed top and base shelves can support 15kg, the adjustable shelves 10kg each.

Glass shelves can ring and experience has shown that use of this material has to be done carefully for good sound quality. Unfortunately sound quality ( or any effect on SQ) is difficult to ascertain with storage furniture before purchase. Personally I would sidestep the issue by avoiding the material. Caveat emptor.

Thanks! I wasn’t aware of this potential issue. It may depend on the design of the amp. I found this thread on the topic of glass shelves. https://www.hifiwigwam.com/threads/solid-state-amplifier-isolation-wood-or-glass.7797/

Agreed - and I agree with another poster who mentioned it is dependent on equipment as well.

Naim Audio and Fraim racks come to mind as an example where components and a glass based racking system work together in perfect harmony.

I think that the Icon Signature 750 looks absolutely gorgeous and in Oak, for instance, with the black glass shelves would go really well with the clean look of the Lina. It also happens to be designed and manufactured in the UK BTW. One would have the option to add the bFly FlatLine Basic/PLUS absorption base in small, for example. This would preserve the aesthetics of the rack, the black glass would still show, and could reduce the risk of ringing.

I will start a thread to see if dCS support may have some insights into whether the design of the Lina could be susceptible to ringing of glass shelves. Custom Design in the UK uses toughened glass so it’s not even certain whether it’s much prone to ringing.

Just so you get an idea how gorgeous the black glass shelf looks with the wood of this rack and the Lina on it. Still not finished unpacking and putting everything together, obviously.

Edit - I also placed the Lina DAC on the shelf without the absorber. I like it better with it. The shiny feet of the absorber match the metal of the rack screws.

I would concur with previous comments about potential challenges with glass shelves. Their propensity to ring and vibrate is problematic (many other materials/options are better at either absorption or ‘draining’ away noise/vibration). While aesthetics are always a personal concern, I would stay away from glass in shelving and racking for audio purposes.

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The bFly FlatLine absorbers completely eliminate the issues with glass. I listened to a number of tracks and they make a noticeable difference. There is such a quietness in between sounds when the Lina devices are placed on top of them. Absolutely wonderful. I placed them backwards in order not to show the brand name and I like the partially floating illusion they create. The rack definitely stays.


Is this a CGI rather than a photo?

It’s a high ISO photo taken with and processed on an Apple device.