Quobuz not loading in mosaic

I dont use mosaic every day but most days. I havent been able to get mosaic to load quobuz for a couple of days (although the quobuz player works fine outside of mosaic) I tried mosaic on both my ipad and iphone and neither work although mosaic does load my home server and of course interfaces with vivaldi just fine. Anyone have any thoughts? I did go to the app store to reload the app. No updates… opened current install.

The stand alone Qobuz player e.g. on a PC or mac works directly with the Qobuz server. When you use it in Mosaic I believe it may involve airable. So my question is have you got a working airable in your Mosaic installation ( that’s the internet radio option)?

I am not quite sure what you have done with the installation. So uninstall Mosaic from your device then go to PlayStore or App Store ( whichever applies to your device) and download a fresh installation. If you don’t uninstall first in this case you will just be given an “Open” option.

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Thx Pete. I am a windows user primarily but use ipad and iphone for mosaic for streaming remote. The quobuz app receives the signal on ipad and iphone but for some reason (after quite some time) the mosaic app just is failing. You are correct. No radio either. I will try to uninstall and reload. It may be a apple thing butl radio doesnt pull up on either device either. Reloading. Thx

I just deleted and redownloaded mosaic on both devices. No radio and no quobuz but i can access my in house server. Curious

It seems that you are not getting anything that comes via airable. I wonder if it is just you? Maybe this is a known issue but it all works OK for me in the UK so there may be a geographical issue. Whereabouts are you ?

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Carefree az usa

It resembles what would happen where authorities in some parts of the world block internet services that carry e.g. western radio stations. However not in az :smile: .

However for some reason you seem not to be getting it from your ISP.

Is anyone experiencing something similar ( check radio on Mosaic) or are you hearing anything about radio aggregators? That is a question aimed at other readers of the thread .

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Thank you sir. Best. B

Not much consolation I’m sure Barry, but it’s working fine in Asia.

You mentioned it’s not been working for you for a couple of days, unlikely airable would be unreachable for days, which would suggest the issue is likely something local to your Internet access. :thinking:

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Out of curiosity (and desperation) and computer logic, I rebooted the upsampler and everything. Is working. Don’t know why but I’ll take it. Thanks Pete and Anup for your input as always. B

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