Question about filters

I have had a Bartok dCS for 1 year and one thing is still not clear to me.

When I listen to a song from Qobuz (so it’s PCM),
and I set the upsample to DSD128,

the set of filters that work are those DSD so from F1 to F5,
or the PCM ones, then from F1 to F6?

Or is there a third hypothesis where both types of filters work?
I have 3 other acquaintances with Bartok and no one has been able to give me a certain answer on this topic.

This is a sign that it is not clear to most people how it works.

Don’t tell me to read the manual, I’ve read it many times and I can’t find an answer.
Thank you.


It is there, in the manual :grinning:


Thank you!
Which filters do you prefer now with Bartok 2.0 when play music from Qubuz?

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I have Rossini 2.0 and no Qobuz, but for DSD filter I currently am checking out Filter 5 for the upsampling stage.


I have Bartok 2.0 with Qobuz. Qobuz is just wonderful, I can’t imagine my life without it these days. The huge 2.0 upgrade has led me to reappraise the filter settings, but I haven’t ended up changing that much. I do have the Rossini clock though. That helps to get the most out of 2.0

I’m currently using: Mapper 1 with DSDx2 upsampling. PCM filter 1 and DSD filter 3 or the new filter 5.

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Keep in mind when u use did inputs only did filters are in action that time.


Do you use Crossfeed? If so why?