Quboz problem using mosaic control

Hi , I am a new Rossini owner and relatively new to streaming. I am having a problem using Quboz with Mosaic Control. All tracks will only play at MPS resolution for 30 seconds regardless of resolution quality stated on track. Tidal working normally using same Mosaic Control. Just updated to v. 1.1.3.
Any thoughts? Thanks

This suggests that your Qobuz account isn’t properly setup for high resolution streaming. Qobuz can be rather confusing in this regard as they still show the entire catalog and will allow streaming of short samples.

You’ll need to check with Qobuz to ensure that your account is at the correct level to enable high resolution streaming.

Hi Andrew, thanks for the quick response. Checked on Quboz account, all set to highest resolution. If I play tracks using Quboz app, all works normally. The problem is only when selecting Quboz on services menu while using Mosaic app.

There’s very little that we do here and for the most part the list of available content and the choice of the content delivered is up to Qobuz. The fact that you’re only getting the sample streams suggests that something is glitching on their end with your login.

Try signing out of Qobuz in Mosaic then signing back in. That might be enough to get everything back in line.

Qobuz, sorry.

Just to add a little to Andrews’ answer.

If the problem is indeed with your Qobuz account settings as expected go to your account ( you do have a subscription?) on your computer i.e open the Qobuz player app ( browser or, preferably, download the desktop version).

In the top right hand corner you will see your identity and the type of subscription that you have. Click on that to open it. Select “settings”. In the grey band beneath the blue header select “Music Playing”. Pick the highest quality available ( 24/up to 192).

It is worthwhile exploring the other setting options to optimise Qobuz for your needs. The Qobuz player also allows you to explore all of the text curation that the service provides so excellently including CD booklets. Any music options chosen there e.g. selecting/editing playlists or favourites will then also automatically appear in the Mosaic version of Qobuz when you close the desktop version.

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Thanks Andrew and Pete. Logged out of Qobuz while on Mosaic and then signed back in. Problem Solved!