Qobuz Nothing Found

Mosaic app returns “nothing found” when I try Qobuz, Tidal or Radio. The icon spins for a while, then returns nothing found. I deleted & reinstalled the phone app and rebooted the Vivaldi Upsampler and that did not fix the issue. Roon works with Qobuz so I know the network connection is ok. Is there something I can do? Is there a way to delete my account credentials on mosaic? (deleting the app did not remove the crediantials)

At the bottom of the screen click as many times on the very left button until it says ‘Services’ and you see all services like UPnP, etc. Click on Qobuz. The last entry on the following screen should be ‘Logout’. Going there should remove the credentials.

The problem was when I tried that the services would not appear and it would eventually show “nothing found.” However, after a few hours it started working and is now ok. I guess just one of those things so common with advanced technology and the internet.