Qobuz Metadata and Mosaic

I have compared several apps and how they represent the multilevel metadata delivered by Qobuz / airable:

This is how classical metadata is represented in the native Qobuz app:

dCS Mosaic presents the multi level metadata of the same album on one line, which seems suboptimal to me:

Another way to represent the multi level metadata has been chosen my Michael Herger who implemented the Qobuz views for Logitech Media Server:

First the overview of an album is presented:

In one clicks on one of the works, one gets the details for this work:

This seems better to me, but still not ideal. If I had a say, I would request the following:
In the first overview only show the list of works in the album:

Beethoven Symphony Nr 6
Beethoven Symphony Nr 2

A click on one of the works then shows the content of that work

Beethoven Symphony Nr 6

  • Movement 1
  • Movement 2
  • Movement 3

With a back button one can go back to the overview. Any chance something like this could be implemented?


I agree that the metadata display in Mosaic for classical works could be improved, at least in conceptual terms. However Mosaic has physical limitations in various areas . I posted some years ago on the subject when Qobuz added work details at the heading of each piece. Concatenating this with the track details was the solution which is acceptable to me. This area forms a major issue where multiple composers are concerned and where, for just about all music playing apps, it was limited to an artist/album/track format.

Anyway I think it great that you have raised the issue though how this may be treated within Mosaic is difficult to imagine.

As for your more specific request in the final paragraphs of the post you don’t ask for any listing of the artist(s) performing which I see as a major omission. Incidentally as Qobuz give a date of release in the album view page this would e a good addition considering that in classical music the same artist may record different versions of the same piece over the years. However I doubt it could be catered for (?).

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The problem with the current layout of dCS Mosaic, it is impossible to distinguish the different movements when the name of the work is long, such as in the example I attached in my OP.
I don’t know what the limitations of Mosaic are, but it seems to me that it should be possible to use a similar display scheme as the Qobuz app or Logitech Media Server use. This would be to list the work as a “chapter heading” and then list the movements below.


Hi @jacobacci

I think you have started a similar topic in May 2019:

The answer from dCS was:

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Thanks, I had forgotten about that 2019 post. I have difficulties imagining that this is the way airable is forwarding the metadata in 2023. Apps containing Qobuz need to be certified by airable AND Qobuz and I cannot believe that both those parties will certify an app that does not correctly present the metadata to the end user. This would give Qobuz a bad name.
Certainly Qobuz in its API gives access to the two parts of the metadata separately. Otherwise Michael Herger would not be able to do what he does in Logitech Media Server (see screenshot in my OP). Michael has even described to me which API parameters he needs to call to get the metadata parts separately.
I could remotely imagine that airable does not forward the data correctly, but given airable’s quasi monopoly as content aggregator, a nudge by dCS to Qobuz should suffice to get airable to fix this.
But maybe this is to small an issue for anyone to care.

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