Qobuz different displays

Explanation: Mosaic shows the incoming data rate, that is MP3 in your example. Bartok/Rossini Vivaldi also show the incoming data rate. However as Mosaic receives MP3 it decodes it and so sends 16/44.1 to the DAC . MP3 decoded is 16/44.1 albeit with missing information as it is a lossy format.

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OK! Thank you Pete . But what happens with Qobuz HI Res files displays as 16/44,1 in Bartok they are really Hi Res files? in this case must be 24/192 on display I think…but remains 16/44,1

And one more thing, playing Tidal I can see exactly the same on Mosaic or Bartok display , not MP3 on Mosaic just the right resolution 16/44,1, MQA etc

Please see my response to your other posting. You need to set up your Qobuz account. If a file is available @24/192 but you have selected 16/44.1 in your account as the streaming rate it will send 16/44.1.
Note not everything on Qobuz is hi-res. It depends upon what the record label supplies.