Qobuz and radio not loading/playing

Got problems with qobuz and radio (so basically everything that’s related to Internet streaming) while my squeezbox and Mac are playing without any issue. It takes up to 20-30sec to load/play music, NAS attached music (Innuos) works.
Does one has same issues?

No problems whatsoever. I’ve been listening to both all afternoon. So it isn’t an issue with Qobuz or radio stations or airable ( the latter is the source for both in Mosaic).

As Squeezebox and mac are fine ,at first glance this looks like a network issue. If all has been fine up until now, have there been changes to your network, for example has something been added which may have altered the IP address of the device with the dCS network board? I would check by seeing if Mosaic is trying to find the right unit. Look at the dCS unit’s display and select info/unit status and scroll to the last screen when the correct address should be something like 192.168.178.xx. On the other hand if innuos NAS is fine perhaps this is less likely. However I do not know where you are so am unaware if there may be users in your locality with the same issue.

Otherwise it could be your ISP but that is less likely. I would try a quick fix by switching off the unit using the rear panel’s rocker switch, Wait a minute then reboot. This refreshes the firmware from memory.

Thanks Pete,
will do!!


If you are able to pull a set of logs from your dCS unit when you get this delay and send them to me at [email protected] then I can get that to the Software guys here - my suspicion if you are able to use your Innuos and squeezebox is that traffic is being blocked / delayed through Airable but a set of logs would allow us to confirm that.

Of course confirming that that is the issue doesn’t necessarily mean that we can fix it - it may be that there is some traffic shaping going on somewhere but at least it will give us a start.


thanks a lot- your support is world class!!! :+1:
I’ll drop an email to support with the log file.

Your Squeezebox is still working? Mine is completely out of service with no more support since two months ago.

yes, it works fine :slight_smile:

now it’s getting worse…I can only play a few radio stations with Mosaic or with roon.
Most of the stations in Germany don’t work (f.ex. BR-Klassik, SWR2).
Has one same issues?

Sorry to hear that but did you do what @Phil requested? If so it is the hands of dCS support now so we may be unable to add much as they are the experts. BTW, there is no issue here with Mosaic playing UPnP, Qobuz or radio.

Hi Pete,

Yes, we got logs from Ralf on Sunday so they went over to the software guys yesterday.

Many thanks!!

Logitech dropped support but the community has taken over. You can get it to work with the new servers.

Thanks,I will check it!

Dear @Phil - do you have an idea what causes the ongoing issue?
Many thanks!

Hi Ralf,

Not at this time … it currently appears that the issue is in the “uncontrolled” general internet infrastructure at this time rather than it being an identifiable Airable / Qobuz or TIDAL issue.

It appears that traffic is simply being massively delayed causing your playback to either timeout or be very sluggish but the logs that you have given us are with R&D and as soon as I have information from them I’ll be back to you.



add on…
I can use Innuos to control streaming to Rossini instead of using Mosaic or Roon.
With the Innuos app radio and Qobuz works…very strange…

via Roon:

Maybe we can get some additional clues to see if the issue is related to your Internet service. Here’s one question and one ask;

  1. What DNS is your Rossini using?

  2. Connect a Laptop (with WiFi off) to any available Ethernet port on the same Ethernet switch as your Rossini. Once your Laptop has it’s IP address and you can surf the web, open a command line prompt and issue the following commands, one at a time, and post each the responses in this thread;

nslookup desktop.qobuz.com

ping -c 5 desktop.qobuz.com

nslookup static.qobuz.com

ping -c 5 static.qobuz.com

Hello Anup,

  1. DNS:

    DNS is provided through/by AVM Fritzbox- setting there: use internet provided DNS server (v4/v6)

  2. I’ll send you the output via PN

Installed a new router today (sigh) and now everything is working again…really strange!
At this point I would like to say a big thanks to @Anup for his outstanding passion and support :pray: !!!


Glad to hear it! Validates the fact that almost universally, these sorts of problems are network/Internet related, rather than the dCS component. :+1:t2: