Qobus artist radio function

Hello! I’m newcomer and interesting in if Qobus has “artist radio function” as Tidal has? There is “similar artist” option but it just show us list of artists. Thanks

Hi Dimitry and welcome to the community. Perhaps at some point you may like to tell us a bit about yourself and your system in the “showing (off) your dCS setup” thread?

The Tidal artist ( or track) radio feature offers a stream of music based around your listening preferences. Qobuz does not have such a feature although it has recently introduced " My Weekly Q" which is a weekly playlist ( available on Fridays) which is supposed to be tailored to your past listening. In my case the algorithm used seems to think I am someone else so irrelevant are the selections.

On the other hand the sound quality of Qobuz is better, real hi-res streaming ( no MQA) is a major benefit and the repertoire categorisation is more sophisticated ( e.g. unlike Tidal, Qobuz does not believe that movie soundtracks or stage musicals are classical music and mix them up with repertoire that is).Qobuz also offers valuable curated elements ( e.g label stories, introductions to artists or music genres etc. via its full desktop players). And, of course, for many albums you can also access the complete CD booklets online. The version of Qobuz available via dCS Mosaic is excellent for day to day listening but it is pretty stripped down though it still also displays useful track information.

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Ahh, thank you Pete @PAR for pointing out “My Weekly Q”. A very nice new feature. Listening to it now…

my system is rather simple :
steramer\dac\ preamp - DCS Bartok
power amp - ATC P2
speakers - Falcon acoustics
cables - AQ Energy 10, Black Cat Lupo III, AQ Robin Hood
switching to DCS from Chord TT2 + Auralic G1

Simple but very nice ( I assume that the Falcon speakers are one of their LS3/5A models ?). NB: I am an ATC user too ( SCM 50 ASL active speakers).

yes, Falcons are BBC reproduction. Small but smart speakers. I had ATC 19th and really liked them but in new room they were rather big in terms of sound so i decide to go to another sealed speakers with good midrange. To say the truth i miss ATC’s warm, fat midrange with great depth. I used them with Unison Research S6, it sounds strange but this match was great )

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