Purcell Wordclock question (now answered)

Hoping one of the DCS staff can help.

Do all Purcells have wordclock in ? The one I have seen has two vertically oriented, unlabelled BNC’s, in the area where the manuals shows a Wordclock-labelled horizontally oriented pair of BNC’s. Is this just a documentation anomaly ?

If it helps I can send the serial number.


Almost certainly not. You may be looking at a later version of the manual , maybe v.2.3 which is the one acurrently vailable in dCS “Only the Music” support.

he history of Elgar and Purcell is complicated by changes over the years. If I recall (and it’s nearly a quarter of a century ago), the earliest did not have DSD provision ( coming later with the “Plus” versions). I can remember sending my Elgar to the factory for the DSD upgrade and I think (?) Purcell went with it. This was a major hardware upgrade and involved a replacement rear panel for the IEE 1394 ports. Was a wordclock position also involved?

Of course at this time there was less requirement for a wordclock input in those days as there was no wordclock ( Verona) until 2004/5 ( OK transport could be slaved to DAC). There may have been provision, however, for future developments. None of the specifications in reviews of the time mention wordclock BNCs however. Nevertheless the first users were Japanese enthusiasts using pro 9xx clocks which suggests that there may have been a provision. Perhaps the configuration was changed with the"Plus" upgrade. Do you have a Purcell with the DSD ports?

It’s all a long time ago and maybe someone at dCS knows the full story. However many have retired or have otherwise moved on from those days.

If you want to talk to dCS directly on this then the forum is not guaranteed to give a result. They do look here from time to time but your better bet is to contact:

[email protected]

Thanks. The seller has overnight sent me a picture showing a very difficult to read Wordclock label above those inputs. So all good.