Problems with gapless playback using Audirvana/ Bartok

Hi - when I play tracks from Audirvana through my Bartok I can’t get gapless playback - neither from FLACs stored on my attached hard drive nor from the same tracks streamed from Qobuz. The same tracks (PInk Floyd’s DSOTM, for reference) streamed from Qobuz directly through dCS Mosaic are fine. I upgraded the software for both within the last week. I’ve posted on the Audirvana forums and apparently this is a “known problem” with Audirvana … any suggestions, or possibility that this might be rectified on the dCS software end? Thanks

This isn’t a deficiency in the product, it’s just a matter of the level of baseline compatibility with “vanilla” UPnP that we have elected to support. Our products support 3rd-party UPnP control points (like Audirvana) for general compatibility only and one of the areas which in which we made a conscious decision not to provide support was gapless playback. There are technical reasons for this but they are not worth going into here.

Our native playback mechanism supports fetching content from UPnP servers, but at its core it is not UPnP. It’s proprietary. If gapless playback from one’s own library is important then we recommend using Mosaic Control for media browsing / playback or Roon.

If utilizing Audirvana for playback is a requirement then connecting via USB should produce gapless playback. If it doesn’t then there is something wrong with Audirvana.

Andrew - thanks for the explanation. I think I’ve seen elsewhere on this forum that ethernet (which I currently use) is preferable to USB for connection to the Bartok, but I can’t find that thread. Would you mind explaining why that is (or is not) the case?