Problems Streaming With Mosaic

Hello all,

I have a Vivaldi stack (w/Apex DAC) and have been experiencing problems streaming music via the Mosaic app for the past month or so. Initially, the app would freeze after several selections and no longer control the Upsampler and DAC, necessitating a reboot of the Vivaldi pieces. Lately, the music has also started to intermittently cut out while playing.

I’ve rebooted the cable modem and router several times, as well as the Vivaldi stack, but this hasn’t solved the problem. I’ve also deleted and reinstalled the Mosaic app on my iPhone, but that hasn’t helped, either. The Upsampler shows it’s running the latest firmware.

Here’s the kicker – I have no problem streaming music via a Roon Nucleus that’s also on the network (although, it doesn’t sound as good as the Mosaic app IMO). So, I don’t think the problems I’m having are hardware-related.

Any thoughts?

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Regular readers of the forum will know that in virtually all cases of issues concerning network replay using \Mosaic the solution lies with the configuration of the network switch or router. It is rarely a hardware problem. In short you need to open your switch//router’s software and ensure that the options selected are compatible with Mosaic. I cannot give detailed advice as I am not a network expert.

The issue with Mosaic may not affect playing via Roon as this is a different piece of software with its own requirements.

Unless you have good knowledge of switch configurations I would guess that the swiftest solution may be for you to get help from dCS by contacting [email protected]

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Thanks for the quick response, Pete. What you say about the router programming makes sense. I’ll contact dCS and see if they know of any particular pitfalls in setting up a router that my IT guy can check for.

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