Problems registering products online

I tried to register my new products online, but after completing the form and clicking the submit button, I got taken to a window with a login and password prompt and was told that my session had expired:

Did my products get properly registered?

I had similar difficulty registering my first time using Safari on my Mac. But once I got the first one done in Firefox, I found subsequent registrations simpler and successful in Safari.

Thanks - I tried again with Firefox and it worked like a charm!

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Same here, always expired…
I am starting to worry my product quality…

As mentioned above, try it from Firefox instead.

As an aside, if you purchased from Absolute Sound (dCS Singapore Distributor), they’ll take excellent care of you regardless of product registration.

Just as an FYI, I’ve owned dCS products for nearly 20 years now, I’ve never once had to register any [to get support], even now :grin:

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