Problem with Streaming services credentials

Just returned from a long business trip and successfully updated my system with Mosaic… Unfortunately I was almost immediately disappointed by having problems with not being able to key in the credentials of any of my music services! No Qobuz, no Tidal, no Spotify.

When selecting any of them from the main selection screen, I get a circulating status symbol followed by a blank screen.

Any assistance appreciated.

Hi @Anupc,

Sorry to hear that you’re having troubles.

First off, if you haven’t already please power-cycle your dCS product that is running Mosaic. There is a chance that something timed out when it started up after the update.

The problem that you are seeing indicates that there is a communication problem between your dCS device and the service that we use to interface with Tidal and Qobuz. This could be a temporary issue on the provider’s side in your area of the world or it could be an issue with how your dCS device is reaching the internet.

Can you please describe how your dCS device is connected to the internet? I’m not looking for information on your internet provider or connection, rather any devices in between your dCS device and the outside world.

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Thanks Andrew, a hard reset of the Upsampler did the trick! (My mistake for not remembering the line from The IT Crowd about turning it off and on again :rofl:). No issue with the 'net connection from my Vivaldi stack of course, otherwise I’d not have been able to upgrade the firmware in the first place :wink:

Excellent! Glad to hear that solved the problem.

You’d be surprised. There have been a couple of cases in which the update mechanism functioned, but communication to the streaming services was blocked upstream.

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I believe you :grin:… my system is complicated; with both a fiber optic and Ethernet bridge isolation, another Ethernet Switch, and a Router (and double-NAT) going on between my Vivaldi Upsampler and the ‘Net.

So, it’s quite possible that while a firmware update may work, Streams could potentially have problems.

Thanks again!