Problem with network connection with Rossini Player

Hi. I am using my Rossini player + clock to stream music from Tidal and my Innuos Zenith using Roon. My Rossini player is connected to B port of EtherRegen, and the Router and Innuos Zenith are connected to the A ports. In recent 1 to 2 months my Rossini player has frozen for multiple times and I needed to power-cycle it. Today, it froze again and after power-cycling, it refused to play music via network. And the clock symbol kept flickering. However, playing music via CD and USB connected to Innuos Zenith were normal.
Removing EtherRegen from the chain and changing all the network cables didn’t help.
Anyone can help? Thank you!

There are many questions on this forum that fundamentally relate to similar problems. They are almost all basically because:

  1. For network replay the network has not been configured correctly. This is usually either because the switch/router settings are incorrect or that the ethernet wiring is incorrect or both.
  2. The UPnP server software in use is not strictly compatible with dCS requirements. We may need to address this issue later.

Your system as described involves several elements and it is hard to isolate where your problems originate. So it is probably best to start from scratch. For this purpose forget the Ethergen and Roon just for the moment and :

The Innuos Zentith should be connected to your router/switch and the Rossini to the same using the “Main” port , not the one labelled “Loop”. You have already indicated that there is no issue when you are not using the network and connect the Zenith to Rossini by USB. Presumably you are then using a Zenith compatible app such as Orange Squeeze to control the music ? When using the network instead , again presumably, you are using dCS Mosaic to control the Music?

With the basic network set up as above what synch setting are you using for the clock bearing in mind your reference to it flickering ? I am assuming that the clock is attached to the Rossini by two 75 ohm BNC/BNC cables.

Given this basic configuration do you still have problems and , if so, how do they manifest themselves?

Thank you for your reply, Pete.
I followed your suggestions and disconnected EtherRegen and stopped using Roon. I could use Mosaic to control Rossini player. However, whenever I chose network as input, with my Rossini clock turned on, the clock sign would turn red with a question mark on it. I couldn’t play any music I chose from Tidal using Mosaic.
Then I tried again with my clock turned off. The display showed that the music was playing but no sound was heard.
Finally I turned on the Rossini clock again, changing the sync mode from “auto wordclock” to “master”. This time it worked and music can be played. Then I changed back to “auto wordclock” and up to now everything is still normal. Finger-crossed.
Not quite sure the cause behind all these. Thinking back, the freezing became more frequent after the addition of EtherRegen, which get unusually hot recently…

" Not quite sure the cause behind all these.". Me neither. However it may be that the EtherRegen provoked the clock into some odd behaviour which seems to have cleared by resetting the synch. That red clock sign means that a wrong clock signal was detected.

Anyway the successful running of this basic setup seems, so far, to indicate that the switch/router settings are OK.

I did mention that there may be issues arising from the UPnP server software in use. However , again so far, you are not noticing anything such as incorrect tracks being selected or unexpected displays in Mosaic so fingers crossed.

I guess that you now need to add back Roon and see how it runs then finally reinsert the EtherRegen.

Right, Pete.
Roon runs smoothly like before.
To be frank, I’ll be cautious to add in the EtherRegen for now. Will let the system plays without it for a bit longer to see if any screen freezing or clock error returns. As said, the Rossini player has been misbehaving recently. I hope the culprit is not the player itself.

When you say screen freezing are your referring to the fascia display or Mosaic ( or both) ?

It is the Rossini Player’s screen only. It comes in two forms: one being the usual display showing the music information then suddenly everything freezes; in another form the whole screen turns to a mosaic of white and red, which is terrifying. The front panel power switch becomes not responsive so everytime I need to power cycle it.

I am aware of a very similar problem that occurred with Vivaldi where the entire front panel froze and it could only be temporarily cured by a reboot using the rear panel power switch. The fault would recur later. However I never saw the red and white screen.

If it is a similar fault then distributor/factory attention may be required. I now hope that either James or Andrew picks up on this so that they can advise you further.

Thank you Pete for your help.