Problem playing qobuz with the mosaic app (big delays)

Songs start after a 30-40 seconds delay. Tidal in the playing from same mosaic has no issues. Problem accrued couple of days ago.
There is no issues controlling my Rossini with mosaic but when I start a qobuz track app & Rossini directly switch to the track but it stays for 30 seconds on 0:00 and then starts playing.
Any recommendations?

This is odd as if Tidal works OK but not Qobuz then that suggests that there isn’t a problem in regard to your LAN connections.

I use Qobuz daily and there have been no problems with it at all. However, as you know, the Qobuz service for each country served is different and I wonder if it is some local ( or “virtual” local) issue? Which service are you subscribing to so that we can find out if other members using the same service are experiencing similar problems ( I am using the UK service).

Just as a possible quick fix simply try refreshing your copy of the Mosaic app running on your device. It may have become corrupted in some way.

Thanks Andrew and Pete. Logged out of Qobuz while on Mosaic and signed back in. Problem solved!