Powerline v Mesh Router

I am currently using Powerline adapters without any noticeable problems, though conventional wisdom seems to be that these are noisy or at least infect other components with RFI. Mesh routers seem to be the way to go as hard wiring Ethernet cables is not possible. The latest Asus WiFi 6 model (something like RT62U) seems to be well reviewed and at c. £500 for three seems reasonable. I would run my QNAP NAS directly into the base and feed the Bartok off a satellite. Any feedback on experience of system or products would be much appreciated.

As if there weren’t already problems posted which were caused by using mesh routers. The search facility is your friend.

It required a bit of fiddling but my mesh Orbi set-up has been rock solid for some time now.

Thanks Jim - good to know that a Mesh Router can work. The technology seems to be changing fast and when I first explored this option I was deterred by the connection issues that Pete alludes to.
My question really though was about sound quality and on other forums (see Naim for example) powerline is rubbished but even wifi is not without criticism. I was going to address front end noise issues related to switch and power supplies but this seems futile if powerline is the main noise generator. Obviously the Bartok does a lot to filter out noise.
I plan to give Mesh a try on the basis that I can return to Amazon if connection issues are insurmountable but was interested in the real world experience of dCS owners regarding wifi sound quality.
Incidentally, I picked up the reissue LP Pour Down Like Silver by Richard and Linda Thompson at the weekend and was disappointed by the sound quality, which seemed a bit recessed. I went back to the download I have on my NAS and actually preferred it - so powerline can’t be all bad.

I have also been using a Mesh Orbi with 2 satellites with very few issues for a couple of years. When I got my Bartok, I moved one of the satellites nearby and connected it to the Bartok. I have had no issues whatsoever.

As far as SQ goes, I am incredibly impressed by the Bartok overall when playing CDs, or via the USB port, or when streaming. But of course I couldn’t say what the SQ would be when streaming with a direct ethernet connection into the Bartok as I’ve never done so.