Please help my dcs955 dac

I was get dcs955 yester day
I was check all menu but i can’t found master mode ㅜㅜ
Anyone have 955 manual ?

Please help me

The 950 series converters was a professional series which do not resemble consumer units in many ways. This includes having a synch function ( includes Master) as per the Elgar. I cannot find a 955 manual but here is a link to the 954 which is likely to be very similar. You will see that no synch function is provided in the menu. See p.19. There seems to be a wordclock output though ( BNC O).

The idea of a Master mode with consumer DAC units was to synchronise a CD transport with the DAC in the absence of a master wordclock. Are you trying to do this? If so the transport requires a 75 ohm wordclock input which few have anyway. I hope this is of some use even if it is not precisely what you want.

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955manual.pdf (1.3 MB)
dCS955.pdf (45.6 KB)
955Menu.pdf (67.7 KB)
A long time ago I created the first dCS website and that is why I still have those old files on my PC.


Thanks for reply
That’s very helpful

Awesome !!

Download ALL
dCS 900 Series Brochures and Manuals / Menu

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Awesome !
Many many thanks indeed.

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pretty awesome~~

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