Playlist doubling/tripling up in Mosaic

Tonight I revisited some older playlist I stored in Mosaic and I see that a few have multiplied the saved songs, so an original 10 song playlist has now 20 or 30 songs.

Has anyone else have the same observations ?

It dissappeared after restarting my Ipod, and no I did not have too much to drink this evening :blush:


There is a SERVER END issue if you use Twonky UPnP server that I used to see quite regularly in that after a while Twonky would duplicate a portion of your collection and then after a while it would duplicate a portion of that portion and so on so you’d find that certain albums would start to appear multiple times … this was always cured by just getting Twonky to do a rescan.

I know this is not the issue that you were seeing but just throwing this little nugget up there in case someone in the future happens across this information whilst doing a search and it’s in any way helpful.