Playing thumb drive on Network Bridge

thumb drive formatted FAT32 loaded with FLAC files shows as being there in Mosaic but music will not play. New user/owner so probably not doing something I need to do. Help please.

Sorry if this is a bit obvious, but you have selected the USB input?

No apology necessary, but, yes, I have selected the USB input.

So you have USB selected and are using Mosaic. On Mosaic you will see the basic contents of the thumbdrive. You cannot navigate this, all you can do is press Play. So you do this and nothing happens, correct? Is everything OK using other sources e.g local file play from a NAS or streaming services?

What brand of thumbdrive are you using and what size is it?

I do not see any content in Mosaic. I understand that the artwork from thumb drives or NAS will not display in Mosaic until after the album or track plays or starts to play. The drive is SanDisc 32GB. Tidal plays wonderfully via the Bridge! Not being that familiar with thumb drives, that sucker was really hot when I removed it!?!?

Joe, try this;
Hard-reboot the Network Bridge with the USB Thumb drive plugged in. Thereafter, you should have no problem playing tracks on the drive, even if you remove and re-insert the thumb drive after.

Not sure if it’s a bug, or designed to work that way, but thats how it works on my Network Bridge. Maybe the dCS folks can advise.

Yes , try what Anup suggests.

Cheap thumb drives do not have a good reputation for reliability even straight out of the pack. So faulty drive could be a reason. The drive getting very hot is not encouraging. However SanDisk is one of the best if not the best brand of flash drives so maybe not the prime suspect.

I think that you should be able to see the track titles on the drive and maybe artist but that is it. You won’t get the artwork even if it plays AFAIK. It is only meant as a convenience feature, for example if a visitor brings a drive.

Okay, thanks gentlemen. I will definitely try the hard reboot with the drive plugged in. I will report the result here.

Occasionally my NB does not see the drive. I shut the NB down for a few minutes, restart it and reinsert the drive and all is well. I do get artwork from flac files on Mosaic when I play the music.

:+1: good to know. thanks.

IT PLAYS NOW! Maybe some of you guys helped!! Thanks.

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