Playing radio in Mosaic

The “radio” option is accessible from “artist” and displays a list of tracks in a dropdown but how do you tell Mosaic to play the radio? I can play each one but not the “station” for automatic play?

I am really not sure that I understand your question. Once the dCS device is found Mosaic starts by providing a list of available services e.g. UPnP, Qobuz, Tidal etc. and Radio.

Select Radio and you can build your list of chosen stations in “favourites” or just explore the various options available; local, high quality and so on. there are hundreds of choices.

You select a radio station to play much like selecting an album. Just tap the station logo and it loads into a play page then tap it again to start playing.

Yes, I get that but there is also a “radio” function popup when you select “artist” from a track being played. The dropdown then lists a bunch of artists/tracks which can be played individually but simply selecting a “play all” button should play all the selections. When playing from a Tidal app you only have to hit the radio option and it immediately begins playing similar music.

I am sorry but I do not recognise what you are speaking of.

Please expand on this. What are you playing from in Mosaic ; local files via UPnP, Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer?

As far as I am aware all you can do to a track while it is being played via Mosaic is to add it to a playlist.

the 3 dots beside a track in the list will allow selection of “artist”. select that and it will “go to artist” which shows art plus 4 selections underneath: 1 Albums 2 Singles 3 Top tracks 4 Artist radio. selecting “artist radio” takes you to another screen with a selection of tracks by different artists which are somewhat similar to the original track you started from. There is no “button” to select for “play all” as if it were radio. You can select each track displayed and add it to a playlist, either an existing one or create a new one. THEN you can select that playlist and “play All”

I see nothing like that. Nor would I expect it to as Mosaic is not like Roon and cannot suggest any of the things that you cite because It has no database of music itself.

If you think that I am wrong please post some screenshots.
Here are screenshots from my Mosaic. The first is playing a track and the second shows the only option when you press the three dots when playing that track.

You are not confusing it with using Roon are you?

There’s a known bug in the Tidal “Artist Radio” function in which the PLAY ALL button is not shown in the header. This will be corrected in a future release. Sorry for any inconvenience.

aha! great news! thanks

When do you plan to fix that bug ? Is it so difficult ?
“Artist radio” is very usefull to explore new music based on my favourites…