Paganini Remote control

This is my first post to the community.
I have a Paganini DAC (with no remote) and I want to use it in another system as a preamp. I would like to use a remote FOR VOLUME ONLY. What type of (non DCS) remotes are compatible and how can I program it?

Hi, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

The dCS platforms use the Philips RC5 protocol for IR remote control. So, any programmable remote that supports RC5 codes will work.

You can get the full documentation of the RC5 codes for the Paganini at dCS’ documentation site; (just select REMOTE CONTROL for the [DOCUMENT TYPE] selector and it’ll take you to the “Remote Control Codes” PDF, on page 2).

To add to Anup’s advice if you do not want to be involved with coding yourself a Logitech Harmony will work. Although discontinued they are still available ( though pricey) and the Logitech Harmony database of codes to download appears still to be online. It says that it contains dCS Paganini codes; I just checked.

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Anup & Pete,
Many thanks for your kind and helpful replies. Exactly what I was looking for.

Pete … I was able to find the Logitech Harmony One remote (which, per Logitech has the DCS codes) for just $10 on ebay.

With grateful thanks!

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Good news :+1: