Pad replacement for Bartók footer


Does anyone know how I can get a replacement pad for one of the feet for a Bartók? I have no idea how it came off or where it went.

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That sounds very unfortunate and is also the kind of thing that bugs one irrationally.

I suspect that a real dCS footer pad is going to be hard to source ( saying that I expect someone will post that he has a pile of them :grinning:). You could try contacting the local distributor but I am not expecting much. I doubt that even the factory in England has spares as they receive kits of all the parts for a single unit from their supply chain.

You might need to consider alternatives. I haven’t looked at the underside of a foot for years but I think it may be some kind of felt so you may be able to try a DIY job. If the lack of the insert is causing the unit to wobble then change to a 3 foot arrangement ( the manual should show how).

Finally there have been posts here in the past about changing from dCS feet to other proprietary footers. The archives should reveal something but I don’t recall seeing anything along these lines for a few years.

Think I read Stillpoints work with the Rossini using a converter to fit the M4 thread size of the Rossini, would expect similar to be possible with the Bartok.

I use Orea under the original feet, decided not to unscrew the originals and just sit the Orea directly under.

I’ve emailed the service department at Definitive in Bellevue WA. Hopefully I’ll have good news on Monday. I’ll update as I go.

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We can supply them as a spare part - they’re not expensive but they do need to be ordered (i.e. unfortunately I can’t just pull one out of a canban bin and throw one in an envelope) and once all the usual annoyances such as carriage and duties and handling etc. have been added on then an inexpensive item gets a bit expensive.

If you’re not in a rush then I’m sure one could be tucked into another shipment going over to the US service centre (or to the dCS US guys) to minimise costs…



Great service!


While we are at it I recently came across this Instagram post made by dCS.

Are these IsoAcoustic Oreas??

Is this tacitly implying an increase in performance if third party footers are used?

Sorry to open up a can of worms.

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Very similar, but I don’t think it is them. This is what the IsoAcoustics look like, unless the design has been changed:

IsoAcoustics Orea

It’s also interesting to see the feet have been stacked. I have no idea whether this is a good thing or not (one might imagine possibly not).

Agreed about not stacking

I also thought they were not IsoAcoustic Oreas

These are Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet:


We can always count on you Erno!


Hi Phil,

I am not in a rush at all. How do we proceed? A direct message?

Thanks so much, this is fantastic!

Nope, no implication one way or another :smile:

Hi Vince,

Send a message to support@ just saying what you need and the serial number of your Bartok … it should be me that picks it up but whoever does we’ll get that raised with the US guys and find an appropriate way forward.

(Edited on 17/7 to add : Sorry - I just realised I said “send a message” which I totally get says “send me a message on here” but I meant send me an email to [email protected] then I can get this moving for you - my apologies for my poor communication there… :frowning: )


That’s super.

Thanks so much!

Have you sent that email to [email protected] yet Vince?

Doing that now. My life got in the way yesterday. On it!

Thanks for the nudge.