Organising My Favourites on Qobuz / Mosaic

I searched the forum and Qobuz to no avail. I can can organise my Qobuz favourites in the iOS App fine but it appears that Mosaic pulls and shows the My Favourites data from the web/Safari view, since when I log into my account on Safari and look at My Favourites there, the Artists are all shown in the order in which I picked them, which is the view I get in Mosaic. I’d like to see them arranged alphabetically in Mosaic (which I guess means fixing it in Qobuz/web view). Has anyone resolved this please?

I think this is a frustrating shortcoming in the Mosaic app. It doesn’t allow you to sort your albums/playlists alphabetically, which is a huge flaw really.

I agree Andy. I got a reply from Qobuz confirming that the web page view of MyAccount was not the same as the app and doesn’t allow sorting, etc. of Favourites. So a weakness in Qobuz (not having a common UI across all interfaces) and Mosaic for not allowing you to do basic organisation of your data feeds. A real shame as it definitely dulls the whole streaming experience for me.

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