Optical dropouts from TV output

I have a Vivaldi system and I am experiencing problems when connecting to a TV via Toslink (Optical). The audio plays for a few minuted but then starts to drop out when the system mutes for a few seconds and then resumes but will repeat every 30 seconds or so. This will continue indeffinitly till I change and input and change back. Then the pattern repeats itself. Are there any settings I can try which may rectify this problem. It seems to me as if the dCS is losing sync with the optical output of the TV. I have also tried this with an Apple TV and I get the same result.

I’m assuming that you have a Vivaldi Master Clock in your system, is that correct?

If so, then this is likely a clock setup issue for the optical input. The problem here is that there’s no way to provide the Vivaldi’s clock signal to the TV so there’s no way to sync it to the other components. Even with clocks at the same frequency there’s always going to be some drift between them so over time the TV clock diverges from the DAC clock and that results in samples being missed.

In general it’s easiest to connect non-clocked sources directly to the Vivaldi DAC rather than using the input on the upsampler. The latter is possible, but it requires running a separate clock link between the upsampler and DAC so that the upsampler can pass the proper clock signal through.

Try connecting the TOSLINK cable to the Vivaldi DAC and then setting the clock sync mode for that input to “A” (audio). This will slave the DAC to the embedded clock signal coming from the TV.