Odd network interface disappearance

Hi, just had an odd problem with my Rossini Transport + clock.

I only listen to streamed music from Qobuz/Tidal/local Minserver. Everything via Ethernet (unshielded BJC)

App ver 1.3.0 (132)
Front Panel Version 2.04
Control Board ver 2.04
Network Board ver 1.3.0 (509)

Room temp is 25C constant
DAC temp is around 49C

I have observed for months that the Network connection drops about 4-5 times a week, while listening. First it loses Mosaic connection, then it goes red, after a few seconds it comes back to normal.

Last night it suddenly truncated a song and went dead. The connection came back after a few seconds as usual, but the whole thing was more abrupt than the other times.

Today, after playing regularly it suddenly lost the connection (red), but this time it would not reconnect. I tried to disconnect and reconnect the cable, change port on my router, recycle the dac, unplugging it from mains for a few minutes, nothing worked. Using my remote buttons and front panel menu I tried to cycle through inputs but it simply did not mention the network. IP was NA and apparently we no longer had a network card.

Then I tried to plug the cable into the AUX network port and … it came back to life. Suddenly it remembered that it actually has a network card. I plugged the cable into the regular port and observed that the network was ok, except it treated it as a brand new input: filters were back to default, and it wanted to use the internal clock instead of the external one.

I had to stream some music to convince it that there is indeed an external clock.

Now it is happily playing music, but I am under the impression that there is something fishy with the network interface.

Can you please shed some light?

Thank you



Is your Rossini Transport connected to your router via a single Ethernet cable that runs directly from the Rossini Transports “Main” Ethernet connection to a LAN port on your router or are there other network components between the two devices - if so then what are they?

What Ethernet cables are you using?

What router do you have?

Where are you located geographically (approximately)?

I see you have said…

What exactly goes red?

If you can reply via email to [email protected] with the title of this thread as the subject then that would assist us with picking the issue up with you.

Best Regards

Phil Harris

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