Noise interference in left speaker

I just had my Rossini player apex returned to me from dCS where it was checked for a faulty transport . I reconnected the player in my usual way - balanced xlr out from the Rossini into the ch precision power amp . I notice lots of noise coming from the left speaker . The noise persists from the left channel even when music is being played and also when the dCS is muted . If I change to another source there is no noise . I then connected unbalanced rca cables from the dCS to the power amp and there is no noise . It seems the issue is only when using balanced out and it persists regardless of the voltage setting. I will raise this problem with dCS tomorrow as it has never happened before but I wonder if there is something obvious that i have missed or any advice from the community . Thanks in advance , Nav

Did you also try swapping L/R XLR cables just to be sure that there isn’t something going on with the cables?


Indeed, put the left XLR out into the right input on your amp, and vice versa. If the noise is then in the right speaker something is wrong with the left XLR out cable.


If the noise is there even if Rossini is muted I start to think that this may not be Rossini at all but the left channel’s XLR amp input. If you swap channels as suggested by @hifimckinney so that Rossini’s right output is fed into the amp’s left XLR input and the noise remains on the left that suggests it is an amp problem. If the channels are swapped so that Rossini left output feeds the amp right input and the noise then moves to the right then it may be Rossini. I don’t expect a cables problem but if you have a substitute ( even free in the box type) that can help eliminate the cause.

I hope that logic works as I am very hot here :sweat: Not the best thinking environment.


Thanks to all the helpful comments . Indeed the noise transfers to the right speaker when I swap
The cables which is a (small) relief that the dac and amp are not faulty!


Could that still no be a cable problem?
I would just use the one cable that doesn’t casue the problem and try it on both outputs.
Obviously if one side is fine and the other not, then it certainly looks like its the rossini.

Just read the post above correctly and see you have already worked out its the cable