Noise from MQA/Bartok

Getting some skipping sounds from MQA only 16 and 24 it is happening so often they I doubt it is the source file. FLAC files are great, MQA about 2/3 of the time has artifacts.

My chain Roon Core fed by Tidal is the source of the MQA files.

When issues occur MQA on the display blinks on and off.

Any help appreciated.

Hi Todd,

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Did you set up your Roon Core like this:

So, with MQA capabilities: Decoder and renderer?


Yes that is how it is set.

Good to know. Did you already try to reboot your Bartok, by shutting down - wait some minutes - and start again from the power switch at the back? And then try MQA files through Tidal → Roon again.

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I did try that though can try again.
Has this happened to you, the noise I hear corresponds with the blinking off and back on of the MQA in the display, almost like a connection drop out, though I have very good stable Wi-Fi to the Roon. The other interesting detail is that FLAC files which are a lot of the content on Tidal and my entire library are all ALAC, do not have any issue and sound perfect, if the signal drop was the issue, even a bad cable, I would think it would show on all file types.

Thank you for trying to help me I really appreciate you.

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This never happened to me, either with my previous Bartok, nor with my current Rossini. Both were hardwired ethernet, not Wi-Fi.

I think it is time to call in @Phil to help you out.

Like you I am hardwired to the network and have Verizon fiber to the house and studio, though the Tidal data from wherever it is to me no idea if it is always traveling on wire. Wrong word sorry I just think of the big data cloud in the sky where all this content lives. We certainly live in a new paradigm than what it was. It is just too easy now to hear any music, less the smells of cardboard and vinyl and the physical experience of selecting preparing and playing some music.

How do I call @Phil

I and you just did, by adding @Phil :grinning: Hopefully he will come in here soon. If not, you can always send a email to [email protected] . Then it will be picked up by dCS staff.

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Hi Todd,

When a Roon setup is working then the Roon control software on your portable device is not part of the signal path, it is just a control point, so although intermittent WiFi might product control issues it shouldn’t create playback issues assuming that the Roon Core and the Roon Endpoint (in this case the Bartok) are connected to a reliable hard wired network as they should be.

How are your Roon Core and your Bartok connected back to your router?

Are you using any kind of wireless mesh, wireless Ethernet extenders or Ethernet over mains devices to get either your Roon Core or your Bartok connected to your network?

Is the issue consistent (i.e. if a track has playback issues then does that same track always have playback issues) or is it more of a random issue (i.e. you play a track and it has issues but you play it again later and it’s fine)?

If it is consistent then can you give me the details of some of the tracks that you are able to reproduce the problem with?



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I will do some testing and review your questions with the distributor/installer as I am not that knowledgeable on the router question. Repeatable with the same track my experience is yes, though when this happens I do not listen to the tracks long as it is painful like a vinyl record that is scratched.

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Hi Todd,

OK - if you need to check back with them then great … I THINK we’re going to find that there’s a bottleneck somewhere that’s causing issues.

OK - I do understand but if you could check and confirm by finding a track that causes this problem and then going and playing something else and then coming back and re-playing that track and confirming that it still has the same issue then that’s really useful information. It all helps us get to the bottom of what’s going on…

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