No-signal in red, while in SPDIF between tracks on DVD


So I burned a DVD+R with a bunch of WAV files… I also did this with FLAC files, but the results were partially distorted by a digital tone… Anyway, the WAV files play nicely using he dAC in the Rossini, except one thing. Between the tracks. there is about a 2 second pause and the next song begins with a negative 3,2,1 count … during which time the little status window goes from reading SPDIF1 and 192/24 to SPDIF1 and No Input… now Filter and Word Clock icons also disappear and there is a pronounced “click” tone that comes from the Rossini before it re-captues the signal and plays the next track…

Is there any way to have prevented this while burins the WAV Data over to the DVD disks? More over, is that clicking sound (sounds like a relay) a ware and tare item that could wear quickly if I keep playing DVD’s like this?

Are these individual files and not a copy of an album? It sounds like your DVD is a compilation of .wav files with a buffer of x secs duration inserted by the burning software between each track. So there is a 24/192 .wav track which Rossini recognises and plays. Then there is a gap of no discernible format so Rossini does not know what it is supposed to be playing so reverts to default ( that may be 16 or 24 48KS/s and/or it mutes ) then it is sent another 24/192 .wav track so it switches from default/mute back to 24/192 ( that is the relay you hear) and so on.

The only way to stop this is to make a DVD disc that maintains the same format throughout. This may also enable your player to stop muting itself between tracks if that is also occurring. This would seem to depend upon your burning software and player. I don’t think that there is a solution at the Rossini end of things including using the buffer option as it is not in operation with 192 material for sufficient duration ( only a fraction of a second).

The relays used no doubt have a rated life of many thousands of operations but how this manifests itself in listening time must depend on how many of these DVDs you make and how often you play them.

What is your purpose of making DVD rips in the first place? I would say it is unusual as most of us will rip to computer storage.

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I was just curious if I could do it… I do like physically owning music, even if it’s just on a DVD… The audio quality appears to be the same, but there’s something nice about not relying on a network connection … plus with the CD/DD option, I am able to let a disk play, then when it ends, the system automatically goes into standby power savings so at night I can go to bed with music playing… if I use the network via Roon, it will often revert to some other playlist or Roon radio and I end up having the system running all night long, burning up tubes while nobody is listening.